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Diary of a Wimpy Kid -meets- Groundhog Day

Book One
Book Two
Book Three
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About the Book Series

Roger Tarkington's unlucky start to sixth grade turns MAGICAL when he discovers his wall calendar allows him to REPEAT DAYS OF THE WEEK.


Roger quickly learns his MAGIC CALENDAR is more complicated than Algebra and full of surprises, like lunch at Jefferson Middle School! 

Join Roger and his best friend, E3 (Elizabeth Emily Elliot), in this FUN MIDDLE SCHOOL TIME TRAVEL SERIES.

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A Series for Every Occasion

& Every Location

Reviews by Young Readers

"A must read. I felt like I was there, watching everything happen."

Janya (Student Reviewer)

"What the calendar does is amazing. You need to read it to find out for yourself."

Jhondy (Student Reviewer)

"Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar captures what middle school is all about!"

Jonny (Student Reviewer)

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