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Middle School Tips


Hey there. I’m Roger Tarkington. 


I have a simple wish: to achieve middle school greatness.


I know, a pretty big goal, but it didn’t seem so lofty when I set it on my elementary school graduation day.


I was so convinced then that I’d never again have to deal with Kyle-the-Vile Brossman that I put together a list of middle school greatness tips, like my mom suggested.


It’s true: You can’t go places if you don’t know where you’re going, so have a plan. (Roger Tarkington Middle School Greatness Tip #37)


The Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar series features more than 100 of my middle school tips that I hope you’ll find useful, no matter how you define middle school greatness or success. I certainly put them to good use to survive Kyle, who unexpectedly shows up on the first day of 6th grade as my locker neighbor.


Don’t let a minor setback turn into a major one. (Roger Tarkington Middle School Greatness Tip #1)


And because trouble is always lurking around the corner at Jefferson Middle School, feel free to send me your own tips for middle school greatness. Who knows, I may use them in in my own bid for greatness—heck, I’d even settle for middle school normalcy!   

My Top 10 Middle School Tips

Stressed out about middle school? Having a hard time dealing with a classmate? Need advice surviving middle school? Here are Roger Tarkington's Top 10 Middle School Greatness Tips:

1.    Don’t let a minor setback turn into a major one

2.    Moving ahead means leaving behind

3.    If you don’t succeed the first time, step back, take a deep breath and try again 

4.    The true measure of greatness is not in its outcome but rather in how you play the game

5.    Trust, but verify

6.    Don’t get in the way of progress

7.    Have faith in yourself: because without hope you’re just a dope

8.    Savor the calm before the storm because you don’t know how long the calm will last

9.    Showing up is the start of all success

10.    Carpe Diem: seize the moment


Check out the Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar series for 100+ middle school tips for success and greatness. 

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