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The Complete Series - Now Available

Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar: Quest for Middle School Greatness

In the first book in the series, Roger Tarkington embarks on his middle school journey at Jefferson Middle School with high hopes of success: even greatness! But Roger learns that even with a magic calendar and the support of friends, including E3 (Elizabeth Emily Elliot), Karl with a K, and Nat, that middle school is tough, especially with Kyle Brossman lurking around every hallway corner. 

Book One

Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar: Surviving Middle School

Fresh off achieving middle school greatness, 11-year-old Roger Tarkington sets his sights on something bigger than himself. He plans to use his magic calendar to help the powerless at Jefferson Middle School and turn the tables on the school’s powerful bullies. But Roger’s very first attempt could be his last, as he uncovers a secret at the school so big that even his magic calendar may not be able to fix things! Leap into the second book in the popular Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar middle grade time travel series and find out! 

Book 2

Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar: Time's Up

11-year-old Roger Tarkington sees his future and it isn’t good. Roger’s popularity is in the gutter and his reputation is on fire. Roger is up against the clock—with his magic calendar about to run out. A time travel glitch further complicates Roger’s plan to save his middle school greatness. Things are so bad that Roger may need to partner with the very people who put him in this mess. Find out if he succeeds or fails in the third (and final) book in the Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar series.

Book 3
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