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Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar Books

Fun Time Travel Book Series for Young Readers -- "captures what middle school is all about."
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Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar

Quest for Middle School Greatness

In the first book in the series, Roger Tarkington embarks on his middle school journey at Jefferson Middle School with high hopes of success: even greatness! But Roger learns that even with a magic calendar and the support of friends, including E3 (Elizabeth Emily Elliot), Karl with a K, and Nat, that middle school is tough, especially with Kyle Brossman lurking around every hallway corner. 

Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar

Surviving Middle School

NOW AVAILABLE: Book two in the Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar series. 

Join Roger, E3, Karl with a K, and other Jefferson Middle School students, including Atom Adam and Shark Jackson, as they navigate the ups, downs, and twists of middle school. 

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